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(Adrenaline Tartrate)

Information on Jext® for members of the public

This section contains reference information only. ALK-Abelló Ltd is unable to provide advice on personal medical matters. Please contact your doctor or other relevant healthcare professional for specific, health-related advice and support.

Jext® contains the active substance adrenaline tartrate and belongs to a group of medicines called adrenaline autoinjectors. This medicine helps to treat anaphylaxis. For more information on anaphylaxis, please click here.

Please click here to access the Jext® (adrenaline tartrate) Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient Information Leaflet, which can be found on the electronic medicines compendium (eMC).

Reporting of side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in the package leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme.UK: ROI:

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